Heat of the Summer is apon us in the UAE!

April 11, 2012 :: Posted by - GeoDanielDXB :: Category - Updates

In most parts of the World geocaching activities are gearing up and everyone is getting ready to Geocache big time! Unfortunately, here in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) the temperature is really starting to heat up, which means we are slowing down – as Geocaching in 40° + and soon we’ll be going up to 50° or more in the mid summer.

Also, of course I’m a Geocacher – so I’ve been traditional caching, too. Been on a camping cache run and several other caching days out. I’ve held a cache event on the 29th of February to honor the leap year for geocacher’s.

Do to this I have been a little slow to finish the GeoGolf course – all components are ready now but, it will take some time to place all the containers and put the finishing touches on the game, itself.

My plans are to complete the finishing details for game play, so camo-designs for the containers, etc. At which point I’ll get to place the hides and because of the heat I’ll have to go slow maybe a few holes each trip to the Geogolf course site. I feel that most likely the whole course, review process on Geocaching.com – the GeoGolf Game will be completed at the start of Fall, when it cools a bit here in my region.

It is my hope that the geocachers in the region will have to opportunity to play the GeoGolf game in full as intended from start to finish, when the heat will not keep them from dehydrating completely do to the extreme summer weather.

In closing, I look forward to the GeoGolf game course being completed one day – one way or another, and how others receive this type of multi-geocache.

Regards, to all!

“Cache on”

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Still working hard to finish the Geogolf Course.

February 21, 2012 :: Posted by - GeoDanielDXB :: Category - Uncategorized

I wanted to let everyone know that the work on the course is still going forward – of course I’ve been out regular geocaching…been to a local geocaching event here in Dubai last week-end.

Also, I’m coordinating a Feb 29th, 2012 special leap year Geocaching Event here in Dubai and building or should I say designing a Earthcache located here in the United Arab Emirates among other things.

I now have most of the Geogolf course cache really to go – it’s just a matter of getting out to the cache site with all the printed materials, paint (camo) containers, etc. and placing the cache hides. Finalizing the coordinates, then getting the final review done, that should be it. Hope fully the end of the month or early in March, 2012.

All the best!

P.S. If you’re in the UAE and want to join the Feb 29th, 2012 Geocaching Leap year Event you can find it here: GC3B4X1" target="_blank" >GC3B4X1

What’s it take to build a GeoGolf multi-cache course?

February 02, 2012 :: Posted by - GeoDanielDXB :: Category - Uncategorized

How many containers, files, printed materials, money and time does it take to build a GeoGolf multi-cache?


Here’s a build list so far!      

  • (42)  Containers – plus 8 spares as backups for maintenance, too.  Total of 5 different sizes!
  • (2)    Downloadable files – pdf files of the official GeoGolf score-card and a set of GeoGolf play rules.
  • (55)  Different types of hole code cards, instruction sheets and key code cards – plus a Geocaching logbook of course.
  • (21)  Labels of different varieties for each of the cache hides.
  • (1)    Painted Sign for the 19th Hole “Club House” the final cache hide.

Dubai Desert Dunes GeoGolf Multi-Container Building.

January 24, 2012 :: Posted by - GeoDanielDXB :: Category - Uncategorized

Now it’s time to build all the separate traditional caches that go into the multi GeoGolf Game course cache.

Exploration is now complete on the “Dubai Desert Dunes” GeoGolf game course. We’ve had a dry-run over the whole course, laid out all the GZ plans for every hole including the 19th Hole – (Club House), the “Caddy’s Hide-Away” – (emergency? help?) and the “Caddy Shack”  – (course entrance).

So what is next? “Shopping of course” said the horse. So that is exactly what we did today – headed out to the malls and the hidden corners of Dubai ie; Dragon Mart a great place to find budget Chinese goods, more on that later. So what is on the to do list? Read more…

Final day of survey’s done – all 18 holes explored!

January 22, 2012 :: Posted by - GeoDanielDXB :: Category - Dubai Desert Dunes Course

Now we’re done all the survey work – exploration of the “Dubai Desert Dunes” GeoGolf game course is finished as of today.

Survey Notes

Now we have to mark the coords!

The Gang

My Gang for the day!

Thanks in part to the help of a few geocaching buddies from the UAE caching scene (Charles Arnestad his partner Aletta, Nick Krall) on a very winding and sandstorm day.  There is a lot of work going on in the back ground, planning the 1st Geogolf game and the course itself – building of the cache hides, files for downloading & printing of the hole cards to be placed in each of the hole caches. Score-cards are done, hole code cards are designed – rules & regulations of play are in the final stages, with ver 1.3 coming soon. Read more…

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